Rollercoasters are a classic amusement park ride that can interest almost all ages. They consist of turns and twists, launches and drops, slopes and hills, basically everything you need for an exhilarating experience.

Do you ever wonder how rollercoasters work? I bet you didn’t realize that rollercoasters actually don’t have engines! The short answer is that they run on kinetic energy. Rollercoasters use potential and kinetic energy to keep the ride moving.

The coaster is pulled up to the crest at the first hill by a motorized chain since it doesn’t have any energy to move. As the coaster moves…

Recently, I and my friends attended a design thinking competition lead by Bright Spark. We won the award for the most creative invention. Our challenge statement was, “How might we bring communities together?” We had to brainstorm a problem, come up with a feasible solution, and create a 90-second pitch video to explain our idea. Here is the basis of our invention. Many people each year die from ambulance delays. With our invention, we have found a way to reduce medical response time to an accident, along with a communication system to alert medical volunteers. Our invention name is M.E.D…

Are you bored during quarantine? Well here is a fun and easy project for you! You can make robots that can clean and draw. They are all so fun to play with and you just need are a few different materials which you can use get these bots on the road! The science behind these robots and how they move will be explained in the next paragraphs, using the pictures.

Since the motor makes vibrations, these vibrations make the whole bot move. This specific DC motor is a vibration motor, which makes the bot vibrate and slowly move.

The picture…

What is a Hydraulic System?

A hydraulic system is when fluids are pressurized to power engines.

What are examples of the use of hydraulics in the real world? — crane using hydraulic rams and cables

A crane is one example of hydraulic usage in the world. A hydraulic pump is powered by the engine of the crane, which creates pressure on an oil or fluid. Because oil can’t be compressed, the oil transfers this force into other parts of the crane.

How do spiders use hydraulics?

Lorentz Force and Homo-polar Motor

Suppose there are two magnets. Both are facing each other, with the north pole at the bottom and the south pole on the top. The north pole pulls towards the south pole, so the magnetic field is pointed upwards.

Now there is a wire passing through the two magnets, connected to a battery so there is a power source. This creates a full circuit, which causes an electric current to pass through the wire, and the wire is passing through the magnetic field.

Are you bored at home and don’t know what to do during quarantine? Here’s a fun LEGO creation you can make with a few easy steps at home. This crane can pick up and drop heavy objects wherever these objects need to go! A hydraulic crane is powered by water, so we use two syringes to power the crane. Since water can’t be compressed the pressure keeps the crane moving up and down, no matter the weight. The picture and video down below shows the crane and how easy it is to make.

Are you bored during quarantine and have nothing to do? Well we have a project for you! We challenge you to make an obstacle course out of recyclable materials that you can find lying around in your house. Put these objects together to make a course that a ball could run through. This project is not only educational, but is also LOADS OF FUN! Use your own imagination, and encourage your elementary kids to take up this challenge! Build your obstacle course and turn it into an island. The rest is up to you!

Fun fact: This is known as…

Pizza Machine

If you like pizza, then this project is for you!

Have you ever craved pizza so badly, but you were too lazy to get the pizza? Well with just a few gears and ingredients, you will be making pizza in no time!

Before we made this machine, we thought that it was going to be impossible! Then we learned that with a few simple steps, a pizza machine could be made. …

Gauri Shetty

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